We are a true discount pharmacy. We buy at a discount, we sell at a discount. We do not accept checks nor credit cards(unless online) whereby we can avoid common fees that will indirectly increase your prescription price. This may be unconventional, but you’ll be happy with the savings!

After reviewing your therapy, we can contact your physician to offer effective, alternative drug choices to dramatically decrease your cost. For example, if your cholesterol therapy costs $120 monthly without insurance or $25 with insurance, we would suggest an alternative which COSTS LESS THAN $10 WITHOUT ANY INSURANCE. We’ve saved countless customers hundreds per month.

“We’ve saved countless customers hundreds per month.”

It usually takes 5-10 minutes to fill your prescription since we do not accept Rx insurance. Most are unaware it is the processing of 3rd party plans that contributes to the long wait. Also, it is the same system that has increased overall costs. We avoid it. It is our pleasure to serve you, not with an insincere tone from a rude associate, but with true concern. Due to the current state of our weak economy, we wish to assist everyone to obtain their medication.

There is a strong correlation between medication cost and positive patient outcome. Higher costs lead to decreased compliance and poor health. We understand this and can help. We are truly concerned with your health.

Finally, for truth’s sake, please take a moment to view important articles and videos provided here that you may fully understand what is really going on and how you are the focus. The Insurance industry has basically guaranteed itself unbelievable profits through law. Like auto insurance, it is mandatory and who has read the law? Whether via private insurance, Medicare or National Health, we can expect much higher premiums (over 35%), copays, deductibles and various tax hikes included to pay for it all. Americans have been deceived and baited to support these horrible plans, which in truth is a tax.

About Patient’s Choice Discount Pharmacy

The current state of healthcare is appalling. This is due not to the medical community itself, but mainly attributed to corporate greed and politics. Somewhere a shift has occurred from patients’ welfare to mega-profits and the bottom line. We recognize this! So, we pursue a different approach within this system to make a real difference for you, the patient.

The only way to effectively offer low cost medications is to NOT accept prescription insurance and focus on generic drugs. This may be an unconventional approach, but it is the only way to offer significant savings which usually exceed 50%.

“The current state of healthcare is appalling!”